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Thank You To My Angels

Faith and Familyhas experienced miraculous growth and success during the first two years and These Angels have played a big part. My daily prayer has been the Prayer of Jabez, and God has sent these very speical angels to help.

Bernard Ashlock
Allen D. Bailey
Marge Blatner
Ermyne Blevins
David Brokar
A.L. & Nell Casparis
Lamar Casparis
Delores Cecil
Don Clark
Kristi Cole
Larry Durr
Ron Ediger
Marc & Alice Ferguson
Sherrie Fischer
Don Fisher
Randy Fisher
Gayle Hall
Steve Hall
Brian Hastings
Michaela Hastings
Christy & Troy Huber
Don Hughes
Mark Ingmire
Kevin Johnson
Robin Johnson
Tom Jones
Gloria Lefort
Brad & Shelby Marchel
Craig & Leta Mathews
Kathy McGee
Rhonda McKee
Charlie Meade
David Myers
Julie Nelson
Tom Nelson
Shawn Nicholson
L. D. Niedens
Stacie Ogborn
Chris Owen
Jackie Pennington
Julie Pinkerton
Rev. Gerald Rendel
Marie Ross
Janell Selman
Theresa Settle
Saralyn McAfee Smith
Rev. Jeff Starkey
Jimmy Stephenson
Betty Tenny
Carol Thomas
Harlow Vader
Barry Ward
Victoria Ward
Cory Warkentin
L. Blake Waters
Connie Watkins
Mike Weber
Boyd Williams
Doug Williams
Larry Williams
Sharon Yost


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